How to Predict Behaviors and Improve Interactions with Others

Learning to interact with others and understanding your needs and values can impact your job success. Let’s talk about some tools that you can use to assess workplace behavior. These tools help you predict and interpret behaviors. This is an overview of a few tools I’ve used and how they link between behavior, engagement and communication, especially under conflict. These factors impact performance! In business relationships, behavior and conflict affect morale and productivity – and success!

I’d like to ask: What do you do when the copier at your office isn’t working properly and the papers stack up? It usually doesn’t take long before it is repaired. Shouldn’t the same be true for your organization’s most valuable assets, your people?

These tools help you understand how and why people interact with one another as they do. You gain a personal awareness, as individuals, as workplace teams, and as an organization. You react based on the way you are motivated to respond in order to meet your needs or get the job done! When you use tools to identify characteristics, both personality and behavior types, they help you understand how your behavior affects others.

Some of the most common behavior profile tools are:
1. Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – has 4 categories for extraverts and introverts
2. DISC – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness = behavioral tendencies
3. SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory, based on relationship awareness and your strengths in relating to others.
4. Gallup Strengths Finder – based on themes and your personalized strengths

These are just a few of many tools that are available. In future postings, I will describe how these tools can benefit you in the workplace.
Let me know what experiences you’ve had; share your comments here.

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