How Our Life Roles Determine Our Life’s Stories


When did someone ask you to list all the roles you have had in life?  At a recent convention, I attended one of the breakout sessions on story telling.  The presenter/instructor was Max Dixon, an extraordinary story teller, and fascinating speaking coach.  (Max Dixon Communication –  He has a theater background, is a professional speaker with a wonderful style in telling his stories.  During our workshop he asked us to lists all the roles we have had in our lifetime – we had 3-5 minutes to do this!  I’ve had 31 roles.  All our roles are important, but some are more significant than others.

My most notable and fun role was as an “official signer-offer” in a job where I had to sign off on job-specific training, not as the instructor but to verify that the training was held in accordance with the requirements. You may think “so what?”  This approval role was important for the workers to meet their regulatory training requirements, and it had to have a company’s representative signing off on the training.  I didn’t remember having had this experience until I listed my roles ….. and “official signer offer” was the role I had in my job at that time.  I used Max Dixon’s recommended process and listed the features of the role I had.  A long list of duties were required to fill that role!  The story is yet to come from that experience.

Max has a recommended process he uses for examining our roles and delving deeper to extract the details for a meaningful story.  I feel I will continue to learn from him and from the experience I had in his workshop. 

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