5 Ways to Be More Effective on an Association Board

While preparing to facilitate an association board retreat recently, I was referred to an article on how the members of a board of directors interact.


The article compared ineffective versus effective team behaviors in meetings. It emphasized that board members need to “promote and implement” the contributions of all members.” To review some of the key points made, I’d like to ask you to consider the following questions?

1. Do your board members give everyone a chance to join in on the discussion?

2. Are people listening to what others say, or do they just nod their head in agreement, and go on talking about another topic?

3. When listening to comments made, do members contribute to those comments and agree or express disagreement in a meaningful way?

4. How engaged are the board members during the meeting?

5. Are there individuals (leaders or committee chairpersons) who contiribute by motivating others with positive feedback?

Share your ideas and give me another question you think I should add to this list – I’ll post it here. And, I value your feedback.

Thank you,

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