Kick it Up a Notch – Get Your Employees Excited!

The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall are exciting to watch – they have been performing their high kick routines to perfection for many years. When they stand in that chorus line, with their arms at each other’s waist, it appears they are moving as one. They are perfectly spaced, kicking at exactly the same level. The Rockettes’ kicks aren’t accidental – they are the result of years of dancing for each of those girls. And, they all have a strong commitment to do the best they can. You know they all have a vision and the show director helps them create it, practice and perform as a team. Why do I make this analogy to the Rockettes? It’s a picture of highly engaged girls who were selected for a very demanding role – they are very-well trained and dance long hours, and they perform several shows a day at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Your company can benefit from understanding the ideas behind what makes the Rockettes successful. They have instructors, show directors, stage managers and others who are encouraging them daily. It takes all the resources for a company to perform this way, at the highest and best level that they can. You too can plan to have this kind of success – with intention. I’d like to share with you a simple 3-part formula: I X I = R…. Intention X Implementation = Results!™

Follow your intention – share your vision with your employee teams and ask for their input. Implement the process – create the strategy and practice the programs for the results you want to achieve. Provide the support your employees need. You will have employees who are highly engaged with your customers – they will kick-up their level of involvement by following a strong vision and focusing on your intention, and you will be successful. This will help you kick-it-up in your business.

Helping you create unforgettable outcomes,

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