Help Mentors and Coaches Become the Future Leaders


You can encourage the growth and development of future leaders by fostering the development of your mentors and coaches in the workplace.  I want to share some tools to help you do this.

  1. Set criteria for selection of mentors and mentees who will work together.
  • Look at behavior, recruitment, training and monitoring performance.
  • Identify specific skills and abilities necessary for affective mentoring

2.  Gain management approval of program and budget.

  •  Show value and benefits of mentoring program
  • Create a win-win situation and document the bottom-line results.

3.  Training

  • Create on-the-job training scenarios from case studies
  •  Establish both a structured and informal, format for job training
  • Use real-life experience and workplace scenarios as ideal examples for training. 
  • Follow the training scenario with two key questions:
      1.  What’s the most important thing I’ve learned?
      2.  What am I going to do about it?

4. Conduct reviews and meetings

  • Hold meetings on a regular basis – either informal or formal
  • Show how strong working relationships are a benefit to all
  • Create forms for standard reporting and to simplify the process

5.  Give recognition and rewards when appropriate

  • Report your mentoring program results to management

Support is encouraged through multiple methods.  The more people involved in the program, the more will want to get on board with the process.  There is success with numbers.  You will see more enthusiasm when the employees feel that they are part of a successful group.

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