Get Employees Excited About Their Jobs

I see employees who are disengaged in their jobs and their managers wonder why job performance is lacking, enthusiasm is at an all-time low and they feel “stuck in the rut” of their jobs. You can be an engaged manager in your work by rewarding your employees for outstanding performance, sharing decision-making and communicating your goals through-out the company. Celebrate your achievements when you:
 Help the employees feel confident that they can provide support
 Make them aware of the programs where their input would be valuable
 Recognize them for supporting others in their job.

Teresa Amabile, author of “The Progress Principle” refers to using small wins to “ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work” and gives many examples of how positive attitudes affect work performance. When people are encouraged in their work, they generally respond in a positive manner. This positive attitude shows in how the employees serve customers, and interact with their coworkers.

People can be re-energized and engaged about their work so they have more fun and contribute so much more.

“People have a way of becoming what you encourage them to be” – Harvey Mackay

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