Engaged Employees – Their Attitudes, Abilities and Assets

Research conducted last year showed that bad behaviors in the workplace cost U.S. corporations nearly $75 Billion dollars a year. That’s a huge loss. In a difficult economy, it’s been getting worse. But you can turn that around. In restaurants and hospitality groups, engaged employees are one of the best assets you can have. What are organizations doing to reduce the impact of these bad behaviors? Additional research and surveys have shown a variety of reasons for people who are not engaged in their work and are eagerly waiting to walk out the door at the end of their day. You can engage them before they become disgruntled and walk away.

It’s not just their job skills you’re recruiting; the prospective new-hires must have an attitude that fits with your business and meshes well with other employees. Provide methods to improve behaviors and employee engagement. I recommend you assess the attitudes as well as the abilities of your employees. You can do this by using a relationship awareness profile tool — the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). It’s a tool to identify personal behavior styles and helps the employees build relationships. The Strength Deployment Inventory, www.personalstrengths.com), is based on relationship awareness and is a model for accurately understanding behavior. In addition to the personal interview, this is a good tool for helping identify behavior styles of the employees who are most likely to be highly engaged in their work.

Engaged employees are an asset to your organization because their engagement is contagious. They have many common characteristics, but here’s a few of them:
? They like their jobs and want to make a difference
? They have a willingness to help others
? They show trust and respect for their managers
? They are reliable and show up for work
? They provide excellent customer service and reinforce your brand

These are employees who’ve developed healthy attitudes because they enjoy their work and have a vested interest in the business. Don’t wait to acknowledge their good work – give them feedback on an ongoing basis. They enjoy being recognized and deserve job promotion.

Create an exceptional experience for your employees and your customers —