How Engaged Employees Make a Difference

Recently, a new client asked me, “How do remarkable businesses build and maintain their reputation?”

The answer to this question involves management and employees’ attitudes. Management must screen and hire people that like and want to work in service to others. Hotels, banks, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. rely on their employees to favorably impact the work environment and set the tone for customer satisfaction. How doe your staff view guests and customers? Characteristics of the right people for your business are those who are highly engaged in their work. Those employees are:
• Respond quickly;
• Look for opportunities to serve the customer;
• Perform their job as part of the “team;”
• Demonstrate authenticity – being themselves makes them more effective;
• Know all the services your business offers;
• Recommend your business and services to others.

Examine some of the areas where you should have concern with the feedback you receive from customers who had:
• Unresponsive staff;
• Delayed service;
• Uninformed staff regarding available services available or area attractions;
• Insufficient staff on duty.

The companies I work with have overcome challenges similar to these and have increased revenue with repeat and referral business. When staff respond to the guests’ needs in a timely, courteous manner it communicates that they care. When the person serving you exhibits a positive attitude, it adds to your experience. And, with the right tools, your employees can deliver optimal service so your guests return again and again.

Deliver Exceptional Service Everyday and Kick up Your Bottom Line!

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