Magnify Your SMEs to Maximize Success in Your Organization

Are you engaging and energizing your subject matter experts (SMEs)?  The knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees in an organization are developed based on education, prior experience and on-the-job training.  Your SMEs already possess more than 75% of these attributes.  The rest is gained through professional development and training.  The SMEs have the knowledge to succeed – they are the brains and talent with technical skills in your organization.  Involving the SMEs in the process of design, development and implementation of training programs expands their capabilities in the organization.  They then have a greater affect on the business.

The SMEs know how to meet the needs of the people who do the job.  Whether the training is to “fix” a problem, or correct a skill deficiency, it must have measureable objectives and support outcomes for the business.   The SMEs have a greater commitment to the process and they gain recognition when there are successful outcomes measured by the bottom-line results.

Magnify Your SMEs Now – and Enjoy the Results!


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