4 Proven Steps to Keep Technical Expertise In-house

Is your company faced with workforce restructuring, downsizing, right-sizing, and you need to do more to capture the intellectual capital of your technical expertise? If you have people who’ve been in their job more than five years, you may be at risk for losing their expertise when they retire or change jobs. This loss can be prevented by planning ahead. In doing this, you will save money, time and energy – capitalize on the subject matter experts (technicians) who have the content knowledge to keep your company running smoothly. There are some “right ways” to do this.

I am sharing four tips to help prevent loss of intellectual capital – your company’s technical expertise.
1. Use a knowledge base to improve productivity, customer response time and accuracy.
2. Gain buy-in from the subject matter experts and technicians who have the highest level of job performance.
3. Develop a mentoring and coaching process to lead and guide others.
4. Leverage the unique knowledge within each job category in your company.

If you know the percentage of turnover in your organization, you can see how this process will benefit you. Examine the details – Are people retiring or leaving for other jobs? Insure your knowledge capital by using proven techniques regarding the subject matter experts in your company. These SMEs are your “thought leaders” — I call them SME Champions ™ and they are a valued asset.

Increase your bottom line – using top performers!

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