Bonnie offers a variety of customized programs to meet your needs.

What every CEO wants, and every manager and employee needs…content-rich presentations and facilitation for maximum profitability.


Because happy employees make happy customers.

Experience the Exceptional—Kick Up Your Bottom Line!

Business owners and managers can put company performance in a starring role—and focus on what brings out everyone’s best—with this dynamic keynote presentation:

  • How the essential components of focus and strategy demonstrate leadership intention
  • Why sharing enthusiastic encouragement raises overall employee engagement

Tipping Your Hat to Top Performance

With individual and organizational performance on center stage, enthusiastic encouragement serves as the spotlight for excellence. Understanding employee learning and group dynamics can help you address the common concerns that are holding back your organization:

  • Gain employee involvement by sharing concerns and providing appropriate solutions
  • Maximize employee effectiveness, loyalty and enthusiasm


Because leveraging strengths helps achieve corporate goals.

Bonnie Mattick can customize a wide range of workshop and seminar topics for your industry and business model…

Creating Unforgettable Outcomes with Positive Behaviors from Employees, Managers and Your Organization

This program gives your organization to tools to pit positive behavioral change against negative behavioral change:

  • How behavior changes, and recognize the outcomes to individuals and organizations.
  • Benefits to the bottom line when happy employees create results!

Creating Unforgettable Outcomes for Your Association's Members and Prospects

This seminar (offered in person or as a teleseminar) examines the three essential value-added methods to retain and attract members to your association during a challenging business environment:

  • Gain commitment from leadership for increased enthusiasm and an exceptional member experience
  • Create programs that improve attendance and involvement
  • Provide follow-through to ensure unforgettable outcomes and bottom-line impact


Because solving problems starts with honest, open conversation.

Focus Group Fun-cilitation

People learn more when they’re in a supportive, enjoyable environment—and Bonnie Mattick’s facilitation methods, developed during 20 years of corporate experience, are like “facilitation on steroids”:

  • Produce prompt, guaranteed results that kick up performance through better communication and problem solving
  • Custom programs that can be implemented immediately for your next focus group

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings accomplish more when you’re crystal-clear about your purpose. Through facilitation, Bonnie Mattick helps you create action plans that get people involved—and deliver results:

  • Enhanced collaboration and participation within group
  • Appropriate group methods and processes