Tips to Stem Negative Employee Behaviors

We have a problem — Dave, the example of a negative employee, constantly complains about the company. He compares his company to “XYZ Company.” According to Dave, XYZ Company is an ideal place to work. Let’s look at possible solutions.

Identify what’s causing Dave’s negative attitude by looking at some of the following:
1. What kind of communication takes place between Dave and his manager?
2. How is Dave’s overall productivity – has it declined only recently or is there a trend?
3. Compare the products and service of XYZ Company and see how they differ.
4. Ask Dave to compare the products and processes and ask him how your company can improve.
5. When Dave submits a report on the product and process recommendations, follow up with him to discuss them.

If these ideas don’t turn Dave’s attitude to positive, bring in an unbiased, outside person to review the situation. Try to understand Dave’s concerns and give equal time to him during the discussion. The management/leader is best to avoid arguing with the negative employee. Instead, it’s best to:
— Understand concerns
— Go with the positive – present them with choices
— Work through the consequences of the choices so they are making an informed decision – empower people – puts them in charge of their own life and their own career
— People in charge of their destiny take ownership; hold themselves accountable.

Negativity can spread. Negative employee behavior leads to low morale and decreased productivity. If Dave is a valuable employee, except he has an “attitude,” how can we overcome the negative behavior? What kind of solutions do you recommend for dealing with an employee like Dave?

Please share your ideas here.