“Check Your Emotions at the Door” – The Real-World Survival Show

“Check your emotions at the door” ….Does this statement apply to your company?  If you are incurring layoffs, what is your company doing to deal with the range of emotions the survivors are facing?  I heard a discussion on a TV news show recently and they showed the people remaining in their jobs at a company as victims of the layoff.  These people experience a “let-down,” and “when will it hit me” mentality – some of them are losing interest in their jobs and speaking negatively about their company.  What does it take to turn this mentality around?

In the real world, the people who survive a layoff should take a hard look at their situation and build on it.  They have an opportunity to become a leader and grow within their environment.  If you are a manager of a department and you experience this situation, you may benefit your company by creating opportunities to motivate and guide your employees.   For real-world survival, apply the following steps and support your employees in learning and development:

  • Help the employees believe there is value in learning new skills.
  • Help them feel confident they can support others as well and share their skills.
  • Encourage them to share their knowledge with others and look for opportunities to mentor less-experienced employees.
  • Maximize the value of the learning opportunity and incorporate it into the performance management process.

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