Follow-through For Learning Success

Have you heard about the "48 Hour Rule"?  This happens when 48 hours after a trainer leaves the classroom, everyone is back doing what they have always done.  Are your managers looking at training in the right way, or is the "48 Hour Rule" in effect?  Workshops should be designed with goals and objectives for learning new skills and behaviors.  We want people to leave our classroom feeling motivated to try new things – and with the best intentions of applying it on the job.  Reality sets in ….. clearing out the email inbox and voicemail messages swamps their time.  The new learning is set aside until they can "get back to it." 

Some tools I’d like to recommend you apply to your next training program:

  • Ask managers to provide input on the goals for the person attending the program
  • Ask senior managers to "buy-in" and support the program with follow-through meetings and conversations
  • Provide the managers with a checklist of items they can review when observing the attendee at work
  • Provide the attendees with an "applicability worksheet" – asking them to describe how they plan to apply the techniques or ideas they learn
  • Follow-through with all levels – management and attenees.

Making Learning a Memorable Experience,



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    Bonnie, I think these are such valuable tips. Whether it’s a training environment, or making the most of the investment in a keynote speaker, I think your advice will help businesses maximize learning opportunities.

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    This post, extended to include anecdotes and expert quotes, would make a great article.
    All my best,

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