Remember Our Liberty, Leadership and the U.S. Constitution

At this point in our history and time of elections for the leader, I went back to review our roots and the foundation of our nation. I need to review what I’ve learned about the U.S. Constitution. I became acquainted with an outstanding scholar of the U.S. Constitution and through him I’ve learned more than I ever remember learning in my American history classes. Chad Kent, speaker and expert on the U.S. Constitution, is known as “the Constitution Guy” – he helps people understand the intricacies of the Constitution as if he knew the Founding Fathers personally. (learn more at He demonstrates a passion for his topic, he shows his passion for liberty and the U.S. Constitution. According to Chad, “the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the greatest documents in political history.” Shouldn’t we all review this prior to going to exercise our right to vote for our leaders of this great nation? It does not matter what political party you belong to, or what candidates are most impressive to you. The most important fact is your right to vote and express your belief in a candidate.