Why Good People Don’t Last

Quoting from Dr. Seuss’ poem “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” …..”Life’s a great balancing act…” and if you have intention and focus you can balance your priorities. Are you concerned about losing your good staff and strong performers with their customer service skills? Do they feel “left out?” Planning specific programs to help these people grow will show them that you value their work. Help them create a “plan” for their work that engages them and makes them part of the overall property’s performance plan. Planning brings balance to your work life as well as personal life. Remember the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule? It states that 80% of the results you get are from 20% of your actual efforts – so that makes it an effective tool for understanding how to manage your staff and your time. When you have established a performance plan or an operational time line, you can use an Outlook calendar, or similar tool, to make the plan a “reality” for everyone to work towards. Some tips you can use when planning:
— If possible, plan for the month, and identify important deadlines and the steps you need to do to meet them
— Assign a priority to projects which helps you focus on the highest priorities and aligns the weekly tasks with your goals
— Write the strategies for completing the tasks that are unique for your job

Make the staff an integral part of your planning process so they know how their job fits into the overall picture for your property, or your organization. Whether you’re dealing with multiple projects or improving your effectiveness at meeting deadlines, empower yourself and your staff with maximum control over their work. “Life’s a great balancing act….” and you have control – share that control within your organization and you’ll have the support of your key employees. When they’re involved and have some control over their job, they’ll want to stay.

Kick It Up for Top Performance!
Copyright Bonnie F. Mattick, 2013

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