The Secrets of a Highly Engaged Manager – Characteristics to look for

Do you know what makes an engaged manager and do you know how your manager ranks? While working for a hospitality management company, I had a boss named Dennis who knew how to empower others and maximize employee engagement. Dennis was a senior-level manager there – He’d provide sufficient directions on projects and then empowered us to do our jobs. He made his staff feel as though nothing was impossible. In our weekly management updates, he recognized outstanding achievements and special projects we’d completed. He created positive energy and a fun place to work. Dennis knew that this was essential in the hospitality world – when employees are having fun, so do the guests.

Dennis was a prime example of an engaged manager – he set an example and had engaged employees. He hired the right people and helped them develop their qualities. Employees who are engaged have:
• Behaviors that mesh well with others in the group
• Enthusiasm and are excited about their job
• A sense of ownership in their job
• Trust and respect for their managers

Dennis had a team who trusted him and would do anything to accommodate him as our manager. If we had an audience, they would have applauded our success!

What examples of an engaged manager have you seen? Please share your experiences.

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