Making Music With Your Work

Have you considered putting your ideas to music and making an engaging program for your employees?  I worked with Dr. Mike Vandermark, www., and we created my program to the tune “Takin’ Care of Business.”  Now, this was not recorded by the original band, Bachman-Turner OverDrive, but it was recorded by professionals who are licensed to do music parodies.  A parody is created when the lyrics to a song are changed – it helps to have a well-known song.  We wrote the words to fit the music, and to go along with my performance improvement program content.  It’s fun and raises the level of energy of the people listening to it; it elevates their attention.  In addition, the music increases retention.  You can create a PowerPoint slide show to go with the music, which further enhances the experience – your employees will not forget the key points you make in your staff meeting, or training program, if you involve music!  See if you agree – Click on this link and it will take you to a site that will play the DVD for you. (This is just a short sample – 32 seconds).

Magnify Your Performance ® and Increase Participation!


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