It’s NOT Just at Holiday Time – Keep up the Spirit All Year!

Some quick reminders on how you can keep your employees happy, engaged and energized for their work. Whether or not they’re not getting a big, fat raise, which are rare this year, then be sure you make them feel special and appreciated for the work they do. Here are some of my “Top Hat Tips” ™ I feel are worth repeating for you:

1. Greet your employees and show a personal interest in their lives – ask about their family. Your business is about making others’ lives better, including your employees.

2. Make their work more about positive experiences, and decrease the negativity. Ask them what the one thing is they like best about their job; and listen to what they tell you.

3. Show them trust and rely on them to make a difference in their jobs. Your staff will be more engaged when they feel trusted and will be more willing to speak their opinions.

4. Celebrate achievements – focus on what they are doing right and recognize them openly. Make them feel important and have fun in doing it! Give them opportunity to display their talents that may not be related to doing their job.

5. Be actively involved and be excited about your work – it’s contagious!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and Stay Energized!

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