How to Kick It Up with Engagement and Enthusiasm in Your Work!

I recently chatted with Ken Bossone, host of World of Positive Thinkers Radio Show, and guest facilitator, Pam Lontos. Their topic for the show that day was how to help companies who want to improve employee performance and have employees who want to be happier in their jobs. I showed them how employees who feel empowered in their jobs are more positive in their work performance and carry that positive attitude into their personal life as well. In the opinions I shared were three of the best reasons for getting employees actively engaged in their job. Employees who are engaged will:
1. Feel empowered when they are more involved in the business of their company;
2. Be more productive and effective with co-workers and customers;
3. Demonstrate management’s intention and follow-through with it.

I shared an experience I had with a concierge at a major hotel in Chicago, while I was speaking at a conference. When I asked to have my boarding pass printed out at a specified time, the concierge responded in a negative manner and let me know that was not one of her job duties. When I took the request to a “front desk supervisor”, the individual said she was “more than happy” to accommodate my request and would see that I received the boarding pass at the end of the day when I returned to the hotel. One of these employees was not enthusiastic about her work and certainly was not engaged in her job. She had a limited scope on what her responsibilities included, and they did not include printing guests’ boarding passes. The other employee goes through her day with enthusiasm and a pleasant manner to make the guests feel “special.”

Employees who take pride in their job, enjoy being recognized for their job performance and gain a sense of personal achievement when they receive it. Their positive attitudes are contagious in the work place and affect the work of others. Here’s a link to the radio show that was recorded the day of my interview:

Remember: “Creative ideas flourish best in a shop which preserves some spirit of fun.” – Leo Burnett

Kick it Up for Employee Engagement!

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