How Does Your Creativity Affect Your Attitude at Work?

Creative ideas flourish best in a shop which preserves some spirit of fun. Nobody is in the business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business.” – Leo Burnett

As an employee, or a self-employed entrepreneur, you need to use a variety of skills in order to meet your goals, accomplish your job and have more fun at work. You are more engaged with your work when you are using multiple ways to think creatively – like an artist works.

I compare your creativity to Picasso, a classic, fine artist – he extracted his inspiration for paintings and sculptures from his life experiences. And in the same way, you may get your inspiration from your environment or in different forms. You may not be inspired at the time you most need it but if you consider that your creativity is affected by your life experiences, you gain insight into a valuable resource. In an article for Speaker Magazine (May 2012), “Come to Your Other Senses,” I share three different views on how artistic techniques can create exceptional experiences for others. Creativity occurs when you use your imagination and generate new ideas or create new uses from old ideas.

Psychologist, Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D. has researched a link between creativity and happiness. (Described in her book Positivity) Dr. Fredrickson says exploring ideas and using our imagination makes us “feel open and alive. Being creative makes us happy,” and I agree. Just imagine how passionate you could be about going to work if you knew you would have an enjoyable day and make a difference with other employees in your workplace?

You too can be creative with your work when you open your mind to view things from a different perspective. Everyone can nurture his or her creativity. Brainstorm ideas with your co-workers, family and friends and engage them in the process. It doesn’t take a Picasso painting to make your work have an emotional impact in your attitude toward your work. You will have positive outcomes that benefit you personally as well as the bottom line for your company.

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By Bonnie F. Mattick

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