How Behaviors Can Impact Employee Performance

Do you know how behaviors in the workplace affect employee productivity? I recently met with two managers at a client’s property who were committed to improving their communication and achieving greater success in the organization. They were dealing with a work group that had been under a lot of pressure and given work assignments that were constantly changing. The managers felt there was some resentment and envy in the organization. They described some employees as continually disgruntled and were looking for ideas to improve the behaviors. We suggested several options to solve this problem and would require implementation from their top level management. Some suggestions for solving the problems were:
— Assess behaviors using a relationship awareness profile tool – the Strength Deployment Inventory, or SDI.
— Help employees understand the awareness tool and how it may help them.
— Provide methods to improve behaviors and employee engagement.
— Conduct performance reviews that would include discussion about behaviors and attitude; things that are difficult to address “head on”.
— Give employees behavior-based feedback on an ongoing basis, throughout the year.

In my research on workplace behaviors, I’ve learned that bad behaviors cost U.S. corporations over $73 Billion dollars a year. That’s a huge loss and impact on the bottom line of these corporations. What are companies doing to decrease the impact of these behaviors? Additional research and surveys have shown a variety of reasons for people who are not engaged in their work and are eagerly waiting to walk out the door at the end of their day. Leverage employees’ knowledge and engage them before they become disgruntled and leave their job!

Take a look at the tools you’ve used in your company. Did you use “quick fixes” to a greater problem, or did they make a difference in employees’ performance, productivity and their level of engagement?

Create exceptional experiences for your employees who serve your customers!

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