Help Leaders as Mentors / Coaches and Increase Employee Engagement

Setting the stage for a culture of accountability and engagement begins with developing leaders as coaches and mentors. If leaders understand the value of engagement and support it by modeling it and fostering mentorship through their managers, those managers in turn can create engaged employees—who foster loyal customers.

Mentoring is just one example of how you can get employees more engaged in a program. The more people involved, the more you will have wanting to get on board with the process. Success increases with numbers. You will see more enthusiasm when employees feel they are part of a successful group.

Likewise, a coaching program can supplement the on-the-job learning. Coaches provide leadership and incentive beyond the formal training process. The coach works in the job setting and observes employees doing their tasks – if tasks are not done correctly, the coach may make a correction or demonstrate the proper way to do it. However, he/she can connect the job task to the classroom training the employee attended and allow the employee opportunity to apply the learning on the job.

Four ways leaders can support managers at all levels:
• Help them believe there is value in supporting the employee development process.
• Help them feel confident that they can effectively provide support.
• Make them aware of the objectives for the mentoring program and the participants.
• Recognize them for providing support to others in their job role.

Leadership makes the difference in either a coaching or mentoring program. It’s not what you say, but what you “model” and the actions you take. As a leader, when you state your intention, demonstrate enthusiasm, and share that passion with others, your enthusiasm builds. You create employees who are passionate about their work and committed to the business. Your enthusiasm will be contagious as you mentor and train others. This energy encourages natural problem solving and stimulates the creativity of your staff. In this way, mentors who encourage employee engagement create bottom-line results for the company. You form a foundation for leader succession. You foster future leaders who are enthusiastic and want to hire others who have similar qualities.

Helping you create an exceptional experience for employees and customers!

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