Do You Have a Cheerleader Your Organization?

“People will accomplish more if they are given an opportunity to use their talents and abilities in the way they work best.”
–Quote from David Packard

How are you helping people use their talents and abilities? Do you have a manager or leader who wants everyone to excel to the best of their ability, and make your employees feel as though everything can be accomplished? They use special techniques and engaging charisma to positively affect their staff. Leading yourself is the foundation for leading others. According to Joe Farcht, “Building Personal Leadership” using guiding principles and engaging in behaviors that lead to the results you want, along with your own positive motivation, results in having a healthy leadership style.”

Ed Scannell, author of “The Big Book of Brain-Building Games”, among others, shared with me some of his memorable experiences with leaders he admired. While he was on the faculty at Arizona State University, he was involved with the Center for Executive Development, working with local businesses. His boss encouraged him to join some of the professional associations, one of which was the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). He had an opportunity to “get to know Directors of Training” at many major firms, and developed his involvement within the local chapter of ASTD, as well as being selected as the National President. Ed said that it was his boss’s influence that motivated him to pursue his work in the human resource development profession.

There are a lot of books and advice on how to be an effective leader, and all share common characteristics, qualities and skills of successful leaders. They are compelled to be “cheerleaders” in their organization.

Some tips that effective leaders apply:
? They help people succeed,
? They know the difference between management and leadership,
? They have goals that their staff can understand,
? They have high standards.
? They know there is always room for improvement.
? They lead by example.
? They take charge!
? They do what is right.
— Adapted from General Norman Schwarzkopf

Who is the cheerleader in your business or organization? Let me hear your stories.

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