Asking, Recognizing and Encouraging = Engagement!

I read an article by David Zinger (Employee Engagement Network) that “setting the stage for employee engagement and growth means building, recognizing and encouraging your employees.” I’d like to revise his definition slightly: “employee engagement and growth means asking, recognizing and encouraging…..”

How often do you ask your employees for their opinions? How do they respond? Do these questions affect how you relate to your employees? Overall communication improves when you ask questions, everyone learns and grows. David Zinger defines employee engagement as “good work, done well, with others, on a daily basis.” Interacting, listening and asking are activities that involve other employees. Make it part of your culture and communication within your organization. The added benefits of asking questions include:
• Inspires thinking
• Creates specificity
• Motivates response or action

As a manager, you get your team on the same page when they share ideas and perspectives of their jobs. Stimulate your critical thinking with open-ended questions and encourage responses that include creative ideas. They gain an understanding of the overall decisions and outcomes within the organization. Everyone involved grows as they are more engaged and inspired.

Ask the employee what can be done to help them be more engaged in their work. Conduct a survey to find out how employees feel about their work. In order to ascertain the senior employee’s feelings, survey all employees.

• What do they need from management to support them in their job?
• Conduct a focus group meeting with employees from different generations and ask them to give three recommendations on how employees can become more engaged at work. Listen closely to what they suggest.
• Follow-up on the recommendations and implement that which is relevant.

Share the questions that you prefer to ask and the responses you get from your employees. I’ll post the results here. Great communication is the opening to new ideas and inspired productivity!

Kick up Your Employee Engagement!

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