4 Ways Managers Can Get their Staff Involved

As a club manager, are you concerned with how your staff interacts with your club members? You can develop employees and staff who respect and value the members and are more engaged in their jobs. I believe that staff engagement begins with managers. Managers who have a clear focus, hire the best staff and empower them to make their guests (members) feel valued are the most successful. At your next employee meeting, clearly communicate to the staff your focus and goals and help them see the value in building relationships with your club members and guests. See if you can answer the following questions and improve the way you communicate with your staff.Then, you may check with them to see how you can be of help to them.

1. How well do your employees understand what adds value to your business? Ask for their input and see how they can contribute.

2. What methods do you use to communicate with your employees?

3. In what ways do you recognize your employees for good work?

4. What would your employees say if you were to ask them “What do you enjoy about your job?” or “What would make your job more fun?”

You may approach them with the following questions and ask them for their perspective:
1. How can I help you right now?

2. What do you need from me for this project?

3. When would you like to get together to discuss our progress?

4. What can we do to make this just a little bit better?

Showing respect for your staff members helps them feel valued and special as contributors to your organization’s success. Please share ideas or questions that you can add to the ones above.

Helping you “Kick it up” in your organization!

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