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5 Ways to Be More Effective on an Association Board

While preparing to facilitate an association board retreat recently, I was referred to an article on how the members of a board of directors interact. http://tinyurl.com/BODteams The article compared ineffective versus effective team behaviors in meetings. It emphasized that board members need to “promote and implement” the contributions of all members.” To review some of…

How Behaviors Can Impact Employee Performance

Bad behaviors cost U.S. corporations over $73 Billion dollars a year. That’s a huge loss and impact on the bottom line of these corporations. What are companies doing to decrease the impact of these behaviors? You can use assessment tools (such as Strength Deployment Inventory) to identify issues and help employees understand how they affect their jobs.

Generational Issues Affect Employee Engagement

I read an article by Anne Loehr, the Generational Expert (www.AnneLoehr.com) and she has compiled a list of Gen Y and Gen X characteristics, compared to Baby Boomers’ characteristics. This information is helpful for those of us working across generations – we can communicate much more effectively when we know the expectations! Take time to…

How Our Life Roles Determine Our Life’s Stories

  When did someone ask you to list all the roles you have had in life?  At a recent convention, I attended one of the breakout sessions on story telling.  The presenter/instructor was Max Dixon, an extraordinary story teller, and fascinating speaking coach.  (Max Dixon Communication –  maxwdixon@gmail.com).  He has a theater background, is a…