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Why Good People Don’t Last

Quoting from Dr. Seuss’ poem “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” …..”Life’s a great balancing act…” and if you have intention and focus you can balance your priorities. Are you concerned about losing your good staff and strong performers with their customer service skills? Do they feel “left out?” Planning specific programs to help these people…

How Behaviors Can Impact Employee Performance

Bad behaviors cost U.S. corporations over $73 Billion dollars a year. That’s a huge loss and impact on the bottom line of these corporations. What are companies doing to decrease the impact of these behaviors? You can use assessment tools (such as Strength Deployment Inventory) to identify issues and help employees understand how they affect their jobs.

Using Mind Maps: Move Mountains of Information

Are you collecting data to create stories, write training content, develop e-learning and you just have too much stuff?  You may choose from a variety of techniques to develop the content — two commonly-used methods are:  Develop content using a mind mapping – arranging the flow of the content – I prefer to use this!…

Making Music With Your Work

Have you considered putting your ideas to music and making an engaging program for your employees?  I worked with Dr. Mike Vandermark, www. MessageWithMusic.com, and we created my program to the tune “Takin’ Care of Business.”  Now, this was not recorded by the original band, Bachman-Turner OverDrive, but it was recorded by professionals who are…