The Secret of Having Happy Employees!

I was asked recently how to get employees excited about their work, and I believe you need to ask them. I know when employees are excited and show they enjoy their work, it carries over to their customers and guests. I recently interviewed a guy who was especially enjoying his work as a server at a major resort hotel. He told me that he loves getting to know the guests and learning something unique about each of them. He said that when his co-workers see him smiling at the guests they comment to him. He explained to me that it makes him more comfortable as well as the guests feel welcome. You can consistently have that kind of employee.

Here are 3 tips on how to have more engaged employees. You will have happy employees who enjoy their jobs. These tips will help you create the E3 Factor = Employee Engagement Energy:

1. Empower your employees – Get the employees more involved in the business by asking them:
? Do you have the resources available to complete your job?
? What recommendations can you make for improving the way we do our work?
? How can we help you meet your goals?

2. Ask your employees what makes them excited to do their work:
? Do you support learning opportunities for your employees?
? How can you help them share their knowledge with others?
? What are the employees’ long-term goals?
? Do employees feel they “are in the know” on changes being made?

3. Find ways to create fun in your work:
? Do you recognize achievements and celebrate unusual events?
? Do you give accolades for special customer service?
? Do you celebrate special holidays in fun ways?

Create Exceptional Experiences for Your Employees and Guests!

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