Innovate and Create “Green” Solutions – Use Employees’ Help!

Are you looking at ways are you can improve your customers’ experience of your hospitality and services?  Everyone is buzzing about being environmentally diligent, and I believe this applies to our employees and the guests/customers they serve.  These are not contradictory concepts.  Being environmentally conscious and providing an exceptional experience for your customers are complementary concepts.  Ask your employees for ways they feel they can improve how they connect with your customers, while proactively meeting the needs of the business.  You may review and examine the work processes:

  • Have you looked to see where waste can be eliminated?
  • Can the processes be revised, to make them more efficient? 
  • Will a change in the processes impact the customer’s experience?

 I recommend asking your employees for their recommendations.  Look at how they feel they are performing and helping your business strategy.  Is it mutually exclusive to “green” concepts?  You will see how many solutions your employees can give you when they look at more creative ways to do their jobs. 

Helping Your Employees Experience the Exceptional!


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