8 Ways to Add Value to Members and Guests in your Club or Organization

How are you adding value to members or guests in your organization? If you cannot answer this question, then you need to examine what is “turning off” your members and keeping them away from your club or property. When you concentrate on the reasons they belong to your club, you know why they come back again and again. The reasons they join and the reasons they “stay” may be two different things. You don’t want them to be disillusioned once they join. I like to examine the primary reasons they join and help you see that it’s all about knowing “what’s in it for them!” When the members join your organization or club, you may consider the following items:

• Keep them involved and well-informed on activities and programs;
• Help them become part of the “group” of existing members;
• Assess their opinions and ask them for feedback;
• Focus on “them,” not “you,” the leader or manager.
— Recognize their efforts for joining and belonging
— Don’t berate them if they aren’t able to take on leadership roles
• Give genuine and sincere recognition – don’t emphasize any negative issues;
• Help new members understand the value of joining and they’ll realize “why” they joined;
• Show how leadership gains strength from over-seeing sub-groups in the club and have them lead the programs and involve other members;
• Ask them what they expect from your club/organization.

You can “kick up your bottom line”™ when you show members how the value they gain from belonging exceeds the cost of being a member.

I’d like to hear from you about how the leadership in your organization or club provides value to the guests and members.

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