3 Steps to Help Project Implementation

What are you doing to get buy-in for your work projects? Perhaps you have identified corrections or changes in processes that would increase your business results and you need support for the changes. Make sure all people affected are aware of the changes you want to make. Get their involvement in the implementation, and if one or more individuals aren’t on board, hold a discussion or focus group meeting to determine possible solutions.

In a similar situation at a client’s site, we had one employee who was unengaged in the process and was unwilling to provide input to help the others succeed with the changes they needed to make. This person resisted the change in their business process until we gave them some new parameters that let them know there were high expectations, top level management support and follow-through to ensure success for the project.

You can have the best design, the most creative presentation, but the project can be slowed down and disrupted if you don’t have buy-in from the people in the group…… and complete participation by the people at the top!

Use the following 3 steps and you will raise your success rate:
1. Tell the participants of the program you have high expectations for success in terms of value to individuals and to the company.

2. Ensure you have strong management support by linking the project to the priorities of the company and by defining the outcomes of the project as it relates to the business.

3. Give the participants assurance for follow-through and continued support of the program. They need to believe that the time and effort they invest will be worth it.

Be an engaged leader and you will gain success!

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