Can You Pass the Respect Test?

Guest Blog by Nancy Reece

The number one way you build trust and respect as a leader is by making the hard call – choosing to match your actions with your words – leading with integrity. Take this short test and see how you do.

Do you do what you say you will do? No is not an option. Failing to follow through with promises or not making your actions match your words causes a huge loss of respect and trust.

Do your employees trust you to make the hard call? To do what’s right? Hard calls are tough because our values are colliding, fear is present and we’re taking a risk. Putting fear on hold and making the hard call builds trust and empowers your employees to do the same.

Do you help your employee’s reach their full potential? This means you want them to do well and be all they can be. It also means you invest in them and hold them accountable to reach high standards of performance.

Do you prove that you know the difference between a mistake and a poor choice? A poor choice occurs when we know what not to do(or should know) and do it anyway. A mistake is an error – not a choice.

Do you admit mistakes and poor choices openly and transparently? Don’t let the fear of looking vulnerable keep you from admitting your mistakes and failures – it will actually build trust and respect.

Do you speak words of appreciation to employees? Research indicates praise needs to happen every 7 days if you want employees to know their value to your business.

Respect as a leader results in engaged employees – they look forward to coming to work, stay longer, and work harder. Integrity pays.

Nancy Reece – Bio – In addition to being an acclaimed speaker, Nancy Reece is a talented writer and has authored the book, The Dichotomy of Power® – Using Power with Intelligence and Integrity, and co-authored / edited the book Strengthening the Organizational Heart. She is the Integrity First columnist for the Nashville Business Journal and wrote for the My Perspective column for Perspective magazine for 10 years. As Sr. Consultant with The Human Capital Group, Inc., Nancy specializes in values based leadership consulting and coaching that enables clients to build high performing teams and cultures of integrity. (

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