5 Tips to Turn Around Negative Employees

The economy is creating a lot of stress among employees. If your own company’s one of the many that have had cut-backs in the work force, the remaining employees have to take on additional responsibilities and are working longer hours. Even if you’ve managed to weather the economic storm, your workers will have fears about losing their jobs.

Don’t be tempted to ignore negativity and hope things turn around, because letting bad behaviors slide can be costly. Instead build enthusiasm by engaging your employees in energizing activities each day. Enthusiasm and energy spreads quickly and builds an engaged workforce, which will in turn, affect the bottom line.

Address the negativity problem with the following techniques:
— Listen to concerns of employees;
— Discuss how to resolve their concerns;
— Motivate workers with small rewards and recognition for jobs done well;
— Ask for the employees’ input and ideas;
— Follow-up and do what you promise.

Be an exceptional manager and supervisor, or employee!

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